Co-op & Condo Management

At Marin Management, we believe that our relationship with your board is a mutual partnership.

Committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, we believe strongly that our performance should be measurable and accountable. To that end, we work with your board to develop specific and clear expectations of our professional performance and the ways in which we will work with you.

What you can expect from us
Stellar Communication: Maintaining open communication with the board is a fundamental requirement for effective management. We establish clear procedures in how we will manage your property, interact with owners, and handle external communications.

Clear Financial Reporting: We supply comprehensive financial information and management -- in language you can understand -- on a regular schedule, including monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

Worry-free Building Operations: We supply a wide range of administrative services for hands-on site maintenance.  We are able to handle every aspect of your property’s daily operations.

Purchasing Power: Leveraging the long-standing relationships we have established with vendors, staff and clients, we are able to capitalize on our connections to secure competitive pricing for any necessary building improvements. 

Fiduciary Responsibility: Our commitment to honesty and integrity translates to running your building as if it were our own.  We abide by strict ethical standards in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility and make sure you have proper procedures in place to monitor purchases, repairs, and contractor agreements and to provide the necessary checks and balances.

Your Management Plan
In an effort to create the most effective management for your co-op or condo, we work diligently to ensure a seamless transition to our management services and to establish a flexible plan of action for your property going forward. We build this plan based on a comprehensive property evaluation that we conduct at the onset of our relationship, as well as through a historical analysis of your property’s financial and operational performance.

Armed with this information, we create benchmarks for our management performance and provide ongoing reports. These benchmarks form the basis upon which we can evaluate and measure your property’s growth and the effectiveness of our performance.

Marin Management: Providing Worry-Free, Comprehensive Property Management Services
We are committed to providing exceptional management for your co-op or condo and will oversee the day-to-day operations of your building in accordance with your unique bylaws or offering plan, as well as the specific desires of your board.

Our team of experienced, seasoned professionals is committed to exploring the very best ways in which we can provide our services to you. Please contact us and we will be pleased to explain more about what Marin Management can offer, and how we can partner with you to maximize your property value.


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