About Marin Management

Based in New York City, Marin Management is a thriving real-estate organization that focuses on both investment and fee management. Marin Management has built a reputation for management excellence with its own properties, as well as other owners' properties, Co-operatives, and condo buildings.

Early Beginnings
The turn of the 20th century saw an active time in real estate. Property values were on the incline when Isaiah Wasserstrom founded his real-estate firm in 1916 by building 131 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn (which the company still owns and operates), as well as a number of buildings in the Bronx.

In 1960 Isaiah’s son Joseph Wasserstrom left a career in insurance to carry on his father’s real estate practice. To strengthen the growing enterprise, he added two partners, Harvey Berkowitz, a certified public accountant, and Julian Jawitz, a real estate attorney, who complemented Joseph’s keen sense of property management.

In 1978, Joseph Wasserstrom’s son-in-law Martin J. Hollander joined the family business, capitalizing on his own extensive experience managing and leasing both residential and commercial properties. He established Marin as a true property management company in 1979 and has since grown the business into what it is today.

Today and Tomorrow
From those early days through three more generations of professionals, Marin Management has become one of the most respected real-estate management firms in New York.

Today, the families of the original principals continue to grow Marin Management with the same dedication and commitment to integrity that guided the founders almost a century ago. The firm’s president, Martin Hollander, with the help of his two sons, stewards the firm’s property management and investment initiatives and leads a team of professionals who are among most talented in the industry.

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